Our garages are where we get together to build all the cool stuff ! We build bots, circuits, cool programs, we fly drones, play with AR/VR, sometimes even create art – and have a total blast ! Garages are also where you earn your #StreetCred !

Our garages are also virtual ! Kids join us in online collaborative coding studios – and we get together over Google meet !

Got #StreetCred ?

Some of the coolest robots we all know, come from pop culture and Hollywood ! So as our students learn to make more and more advanced robots, they earn higher levels that we call Street Cred ! The StreetCred levels are named after robots of increasing sophistication. Students earn badges for each level.


WeDo is our entry level for little roboticists aged 5 and above. Using the award-winning WeDo 2.0 curriculum from LEGO education, this level introduces kids to remarkably versatile robots which help explain a multitude of STEM concepts.


The Wall-E level takes us to robots with much richer sensing and control capabilities. Designed around the LEGO EV3 platform, students get exposure to building robots that can accomplish highly advanced tasks completely autonomously. This level also starts to introduce them to more complex programming concepts.


If you’ve seen Real Steel, you know the beloved crowd favorite Atom. Matching Atom’s advanced capabilities, in this level students are introduced to the Raspberry Pi. A pint-sized but power-packed platform, the Pi enables powerful Python programming to work with a any general purpose hardware to create truly advanced control systems and robots.


Jaegers are the powerful Kaiju monster-killers from Pacific Rim. True to its name, this level focuses on advanced control algorithms and simulation of virtual robot worlds using 3-D physics simulation systems such as Gazebo and the robot operating system ROS.


The cute and friendly Baymax, from Big Hero 6, was a healthcare robot. In the Baymax level, we work with industry-specific robots. These could be robotic arms used in manufacturing, or drones used for a variety of applications in many industries.


Chappie is our most advanced level, which involves working with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robots in this level can interact with their environment to learn and evolve. They can also get “creative” ! They can paint, create music, learn to walk, drive and play games, all on their own !

Ready to start the adventure ? Drop by – at one of our garages in Singapore or India.