Google classroom is a suite of tools designed to empower educators and students as they learn and innovate together. At Pacific Rim, we use Google Classroom to create a digital classroom that allows children to learn anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. This allows them to complement their hands-on learning in the Garages. Check out this video to understand how Google Classroom enables enriched, next-gen learning !

Understanding the Curriculum

Benefits of Robotics and AI education are best understood in terms of holistic development – not just individual subjects. This development happens as students look at our world through the lens of science, use mathematical foundations to understand it, and learn to reason, communicate, and explain. These relationships and convergences are well-understood and used by some of the world’s best education paradigms.

At Pacific Rim we have children of all ages. For each student there are different entry points into this exciting new world.

For young ones, we use the award-winning WeDo 2.0 curriculum that contains a rich variety of science and computational thinking activities. As students progress with their understanding of robotics, they move seamlessly into more advanced platforms such as the EV3, which gives them the power to unleash their creativity even more, and design more complex, more capable systems. Having mastered these levels, children can advance to general-purpose platforms such as the Raspberry Pi, or specialized platforms such as drones, or combine these platforms with advanced software and AI.

It’s a world of infinite possibilities to imagine and build !