Our Story

Working with Robotics and AI everyday, it was clear to us that “intelligent things” will be pervasive in our future. They could be physical robots or devices, or just an invisible piece of software. At the same time, we realized how inadequate our current education systems are, to prepare our children for this future…

Children respond to simplicity. They learn well when they’re having fun. They love to tinker with things in the real world. It was clear we needed a new way to get kids ready for their AI-powered futures, and why we needed Pacific Rim !

So Pacific Rim was born. Curious kids stopped by, and the rest is history.

Meet the Team

Rupali Saxena

Founder and CEO

Rupali founded Pacific Rim in 2015. She has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from NYU. Before starting Pacific Rim, Rupali spent two years at the Indian Institute of Science, where she worked on on DRDO-sponsored research and contributed to the NPTEL robotics curriculum. She is also a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy certified robotics educator. Rupali has been recognized among top women entrepreneurs in India by SheThePeople and Conde Nast’s “Make in India” special issue on women leaders.

Prashant Pradhan


Prashant volunteers at Pacific Rim as an instructor, motivator, movie organizer, hacker and general handyman. On weekdays, Prashant is the CTO for IBM Asia Pacific.

Amit Mathur


Amit is a Business Finance expert with acumen in scaling up multi-jurisdiction businesses profitably. Having worked with Companies like Fortis Finance, CSC, AMEX, Citi, Tata AIG etc. for over 16 years and being an entrepreneur and running startups for last 10 years, Amit has strong operating and finance experience.