Our Approach

No classrooms - welcome to our garages !

Pacific Rim is not about traditional pedagogy - our approach is to get kids inspired, help them master the art and science of robotics, and above all ... get them to CREATE.

They say a platform is only as good as what is created with it. We encourage students to find applications of robotics and AI that they are passionate about, and go build them !  In the process, they go from basics, to advanced control algorithms, to domain-specific specializations, all the way to Cognition and AI.

Of course, we constantly motivate them through the latest and greatest innovation happening in the world of robotics. And yes, it sometimes means catching the latest robotics/AI movie together 🙂

Meet the Team

People maketh the institution ... so let's meet the team that makes it all happen !

Roopali Saxena

Founder & CEO

Roopali founded Pacific Rim in 2015.

She has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from New York University (NYU). She is also a Gold certified STEM instructor from Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) Robotics Academy.

Before starting Pacific Rim, Roopali was a Research Assistant for 2 years at the Indian Institute of Science, where she worked on projects from DRDO, and contributed to the NPTEL national robotics online curriculum.

Roopali was selected for the IBM Global Enterpreneur Program (GEP), and recently featured among prominent women entrepreneurs by Conde Nast's special issue on Make in India.

Prakash Swain


Prakash is an Electronics Engineer, with a passion for robotics.



Vandita is an Electronics Engineer and loves robotics and teaching.