In-person classes resume in Singapore from November !
India classes remain online during CoVID

STEM learning for all ages

At Pacific Rim, our mission is to introduce children to the exciting and wonderful world of STEM – in a way that develops long-term interest and sustained engagement through higher grade levels. Children’s creativity, combined with the power of science and technology, holds the key to a better future, where all professions will be augmented by technology. Explore how our highly curated, state-of-the-art curriculum engages children of all ages in STEM.

Young Ones

Activity-based, creative learning to develop and sustain long-term interest in STEM

Middle Schoolers

Extend foundational STEM learning to advanced platforms, programming frameworks, and STEM simulations

High schoolers

Get ready for an exciting STEM undergrad journey – with AI, advanced robotics and high school grade level science and math simulations

Education and technology partners

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