During CoVID, our classes are fully virtual ! Join our online, collaborative studios !


Our virtual as well as physical garages across Singapore and India enable hands-on STEM learning.


Effective STEM education integrates Math, Science, Language & Arts. Our engaging curriculum appeals to kids with varying interests.


At Pacific Rim, learning is not confined to classrooms.

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Ready or not, STEM, AI and robotics will be pervasive in our children’s future. And we believe it is a better future – where all professions will be augmented by technology. Our vision of this AI-powered future is not dystopian. Children empowered with an understanding of technology hold the key to a better future, by putting “good tech” to use. And what better way to learn while having fun !

Think this is only for scientific professions ? Think again ! Whether we are creating music, art, or engaged in other creative pursuits, technology can enhance both our creativity and productivity.